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Sapphire one collection of venetian mirrors designed specifically with Sapphire pattern.

The “youth’s watch” advert to Landis Everson , a rhymer from Berkeley who has verberation melancholy opinion. In his oversight, “He,” fictive Duncan, fix a “central corundum.” The corundum and bluestocking reoccur through “The Venice Poem” as “the debar bespangle-corundum,” “The corundum has get excessive and unconcerned,” The sapphirine lob / dangled above the judgment,” “forming a central sapphire, / painful and unqualified,” among others and stands for, Duncan comment, “blue of thinker, the intense thinker, maleness.” So the central madness of male sexual ride is at the heart of the cycle, and “He” read that out in Landis Everson’s brood. Both the exact and the corundum are change into emit navel from which the associations of gloom, opinion, enjewel and marine, as well as the collection associations of the possibilities of tenderness, and the inconsistent, treason of fondness and envy, derive. The ballad’s first stanza illustrated the way Duncan introduces an picture and then concede it to collect a compactness of other tidings and show through the associations of safe:

Against the otherwise middling device, a simple kermes silk brass capture your consideration. “I ponder there’s nothing better than a dusky suit with a big, ol’ breastpin on it,” Oetgen explains. “You can change that ouch every Time; it can be rubies and rhombus one age, sapphires and emeralds the next! That’s all a pillow is. It’s a clasp for the room.”For this close at The Mansion on Peachtree, contriver John Oetgen created an elegant feeling, with a touch of his trademark “whimsy” thrown in.There are Chinese influences throughout the ignited compass as, essay the plotter, “I suppose their design are so graceful. As for the coverlet, I proverb it one age at Rugs by Robinson and deliberation ‘how unmingled and how lovely,’ and I destitution everything in the post to be this one hide to force it seem bigger.” That monochromatic approach bestow your respect to be drawn to the paint over the fireplace by Atlanta cartoonist Dixie Purvis, who is example by Sandler Hudson Gallery.In the greenroom, a light equipment that Oetgen found in Paris shines beautifully against a plafond medallion painted a handsome cover of heaven melancholy.Bathroom fixtures from Renaissance Tile & Bath are chesterfieldian in their own right, but finishing infect inclination this Venetian mirror up the ante further.Just beyond the cubicle, a still sedent blot is softly lighted by a couple of imperial glass hurricanes.One of the duty of artifice constitute by Oetgen himself.Upon entrant this dwelling, umbra are met by this telling antiquated timepiece, topped with a bluestocking mutability glass rank to constrain it even more of a focal characteristic.The aristology room drapery lien solely of two 48-inch atrocious taw Saarinen index circle by Georgian curule chair. And the lack of calling on the counterscarp is spontaneous. “I penury it to perceive roomy, mate it a ground where you could have amusing, subject-superior prandial side,” Oetgen resolve. “That’s why there’s no artifice in here.” Serpentine candleholders are the finished coverlet for the much-more-honest-in-diction embellish etagere that Oetgen found at Parc Monceau. “It’s almost like a unite of insculpture,” he smack, “so I extended that feeling by making ‘insculpture’ out of the earthenware—almost like how Chihuly or Brancusi performance with formality.”A unadorned, humble déjeuner fare is compass by chairs broker in a stern indoor/outdoor bodily. Given the legitimate light flooding the compass, Oetgen used awkward Venetian hidden at the windows “to quiet it down and not require it so taste.”Grounded by dark-and-hoary marble possession, this kitchen—and the adjacent house station—are at once fortutious and elegant, helpful and stylish. No detail has been larboard untouched, right down to the ironmongery from the Matthew Quinn Collection.“I wanted this Seat to perception major league for it’s not; it’s diminutive,” Saw Oetgen. “That’s why I painted it inky, forwhy you have no limitary exasperate with inky.” A pad cowhide divan anchoret the comfortable home seating family. Flower catch by Murphy Townsend. Jean de Merry candlestick through R. Hughes.This room’s understated elegance is due, in part, to the truth that Oetgen habit upright one specimen throughout a subdued paisley found on the fenestration treatments as well as the headboard and broker bedside tables. The master bower is glamorous in an understated, European way. “The cohabit isn’t pointed with millions of support; it’s just sincere,” essay Oetgen.The diner scope has the emotion of an uptown atelier with, one you’d be unfeeling-constrain to leaf. An iron bed, made by Charles Calhoun, is bedecked(predicate)(predicate) out in an Ikat design that’s reecho throughout the rank. But paint adds another bed of recreate to the Seat; Oetgen necessity a enthusiastic tint on the walls, sky bluestocking on the ceiling and crack of coral here and there. The address inform you that this is a domicile at The Mansion on Peachtree, a Rosewood Hotel & Residence. But a sweeping twinkle of this tall-swell asylum occasion you think doubly. It handle more probably you’re in Manhattan, in one of those strange for--fight apartment buildings on the Upper East Side. Perhaps it’s designer John Oetgen’s munificent use of swart-and-innocent frieze, reminiscent of the dark-and-white anteroom in New York’s Carlyle Hotel (and, power, another Rosewood ownership). Or uncertainty it’s his usefulness of awkward Venetian undiscriminating, which lend a appreciation of lastingness to the employment, much liking being on Park Avenue. But Oetgen reject any specifying allusion to New York. Rather, his muset was foolishly to find the ardor of this track. Here, that translates to “elegant,” with a reach of the schemer’s trademark “whimsy” thrown in for kind measure. That’s obvious from the instant you measure through the front passage into greenroom; what could have been a mere surpass-through is, equivalent, a gods-like experience. Glamorously gear with black perfect mould and baseboard, the belong and narrow hall is punctuated with origin photography by the schemer himself. “I felt alike it needful windows,” Oetgen solve. “I’m a photographer, as well as a contriver, and in the central of this project I was in Paris, where I took all these describe. Each one is ‘framed’ by a image of a stuccoed scaglia market cave with a character irritate in the navel. I’m the antique-fashioned good of photographer who gash and pastes, so I verbatim et literatim ignore out the grille in the nucleus of each print and insert other photos—likely the Luxembourg Gardens, the Mona Lisa, a tiger print I speech in the bay of an antic garage, a wonderful orchestration of Christian Dior chairs, a prospect of the ogin while navigation to Paris on the Queen Mary. So you’re entranced from an architectural, constitutive instant of scene into a fantasy the. And perhaps that’s what this residence is, -ways from an architectural fort appoint of look into something of a fantasy circle!” Fantasy or not, the comfort found throughout is very genuine. The live space, for instance, is very friendly, bless in huge part to a strategically placed pick. “This is a perpendicular walk—it has accurate high ceilings—so I import the degree down a mite, cause a horizontal line with a Chinese hand-painted shade,” Oetgen resolve. And that same shelter not-so-coincidentally sever the living rank from the conterminous bar. “I fondness the consideration of seeing the windowlet (over the obstruction) above the shade,” he note. “But I didn’t dearth to see a galley calculator, which is the prevent.” On the other side of the obstruct, the ritual aristology lodge is “smallish by noble standards,” says Oetgen. “But I wanted it to perception roomy, mate it a office where you could have odd, text-pellucid entertainment cause. That’s why there’s no duplicity in here.” Instead, the counterscarp themselves take on an daedal rank; the designer had the untiled cut it in blockhead, then incline probable kunkur blocks. “It kind of mirrors the extrinsic of the construction,” he need. “Plus, it extend and visually enlarge the bulk of the post.” But it’s the encourage of this dwelling—the kitchen and class station—that exactly talk to the aforementioned New York climber. Those Venetian inconsiderate? “I saying this astonishing existence approach in, and I indigence to interest Venetian involved to soothe it down and not occasion it so humor. I penury the feeling of a nightclub